Simple Summer Twist

I was actually surprised by how many people asked me to share this little hairstyle I've been wearing a lot recently. I've had long hair and side bangs for most of my life and I started doing this a few years ago when my hair was driving me crazy on these hot summer days. It's actually super simple to do, and I love it because all you need is an elastic hair band to do it and it only takes a few seconds. It's definitely something I throw together on those days when I'm half-considering shaving my head (don't worry! That's never going to happen, I'm a big chicken!).

Start with a small section of hair closest to your part and hairline and twist, as you twist grab more pieces of hair from your hairline and continue to twist down and behind your ear while adding more hair. Once behind your ear you can grab the rest of your hair and twist in. Then just secure your elastic at the base of your head and and you're done! I also sometimes continue to just twist my hair real tight into a bun and wrap my elastic around it a few times to secure it (you can see an example of that over here).

Easy, right? I image it should work for most hair types as long as they're not cut too short!