Fun in the Sun Inspiration

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It's kind of that classic "woman" thing to complain about, but swimwear, huh? I've been on the hunt for a good bathing suit for three years now. I even was ready to pay way more then my thrifty heart usually allows me, just so I could have a good one that fits right and I love - but I never found it. I especially wanted a one piece, but even "tall" sizes weren't close to being long enough.

Last week I did some browsing around online looking for a different two piece, but didn't find anything that I was impressed with enough to shell out the money for. So I made a decision - I am going to make one! Actually, I already started. Right now I'm just practicing by making a two piece and using one of my own suits as a guide, mostly just to get the feel of the fabrics and getting things to lay right and everything. It's absolutely not "perfect" and this first one might be a little bit too small (I think I might not have given myself enough of a seam allowance - rookie mistake!) but I am feeling pretty confident about how it's looking and feeling anyway. My goal is to be able to make myself a two piece and a one piece that I will love to death and I'm feeling super inspired by these vintage beauties and would love to do something very similar:)

Has anyone out there made a swimsuit before, or do you have a favorite style you love?