Getting to the source of it

(Original Source)

Ever been browsing the internet come across an amazing image and been so excited to see what else that photographer has done, or maybe it was a cool craft and want to see what other projects that blogger has made, but the photo only links back to another tumblr or another pinterest. UGH! right?

It's a really big problem on Tumblr especially, but now it's even become a problem on Pinterest and peoples personal blogs too. I know I've even come across my own photos on those places that weren't linked back to my blog - it's frustrating in a lot of ways. Then I came across a neat little trick to finding original sources thanks to our good friend google (and no... google did not ask me to write this!).

I've found it works about 50% of the time, so it's not full-proof, but I've come across some amazing blogs and websites by using this to source an image. Plus I feel a little like a detective. Okay, maybe not a great detective - but definitely a goofy P.I. like Gene Parmesean...

(click the image to see it big, just in case you get lost!)

1// I start with whatever image I'm trying to source and right clicking to "view image"

2// I copy the link in the address bar for the image

3// I head over to google Image (there's a link for it at the top of the google homepage, right next to search) and click on the little camera icon next to the search button.

4// A new search bar pops up, I paste the link from the image into the search bar and click the "seach by image" button.

5// This page looks different depending on how easy it is for google to find the original source, but most of the time it has the image and a list of links. Apparently my image was of Hilary Walsh, however I stil couldn't find the original image on her website so I did a little more digging....

6// To look at other possible sources I clicked on the photo at the top

7// It takes you to a whole list of that image and all diferent websites that have posted it. After just a second of hovering my mouse over a few of them I saw that the third one was from the Tomboy Style blog, which I already knew was a great blog so I thought I'd give it a try...

8// BINGO! The original source and a whole blog post full of other lovely photos from the same shoot.

One more tip : Occasionally all the links that pop up are still from tumblr's and pinterest pages, but down at the bottom it has "similar images" and sometimes the actual image will be in there with the original link.

Maybe some of you already know this little trick - so good for you! But I've asked a few people I know and all of them said they had no idea there was a way to search for an image source so I thought I'd share! It really does only take a few seconds, and it can lead you to some amazing sites. I always try to include original sources when sharing images so I've taken to doing this a lot and I love it!