Rainy Days

Old Navy Shirtdress (thrifted) // Gap Leggings // Walmart Boots

While I love the summer heat, I'm really happy to see the rain again. It got into the 90s last week and these little storms have been bringing it back down into the 70s which feels just perfect.

Of course, my rain boots are falling apart, though I'm not surprised. I certainly didn't buy them at Walmart expecting them to hold up great. Lets be honest, they're no Hunters. And while I'd love to run out and blow $100 on a pair of rain boots, I just don't think that's gunna happen. I do think the quality is worth the money, but that doesn't always mean that I actually have the money to spend on the quality. Maybe someday, but not today. I think I'll just continue stalking Marshalls and thrift stores for a replacement pair in the mean time.

Someone was feeling a little left out while I was taking photos - can't say no to that goofy little face:)