See ya in the fall

                   Ralph Lauren Sweater (thrifted) // Gap Shirt // Buffalo Cords // Vintage Necklace

                              Thrifted Duck Boots // Target Socks // DIY Bracelet (directions here)

 These photos are actually from a few months back when I did a little feature and DIY for Cut Out + Keep (thanks again for asking me guys!). Now that I'm looking at them I'm just a wee bit sad that my duck boots are now in storage. Don't get me wrong, summer is the best in my book - I love running around barefoot more than anything, but I certainly do love slipping into my cozy little duckboots too. I'm sure it'll feel way too quick that fall sneaks up on us and I'll be putting them on again though - for now I'll just try to take full advantage of the days when shoes are pretty much optional:)

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Me and my mom are way too excited to spend plenty of time at the Devon Horse Show so I'm sure I'll have plenty of photos to share.