Birthday List

I love lists. Call me crazy, but I absolutely do. I used to have sketch books that were half full of drawings and the other half was just lists. I've really loved the ones that a lot of bloggers have been doing over the years of twenty-some things before I turn twenty-something else. I sat down today to write one and decided that I didn't want to put that much pressure on myself. Twenty something things is quite a bit, and with everything going on with buying and working on a house this year I just don't want to feel guilty about not doing something that maybe won't be realistic in a couple months. So I went simple and just focused on things I knew I can do if I put forth a little effort, so I just filled a page and let it be. I didn't even realize it was 13 things - lucky number 13, right?

1. 365 Home - Elsie mentioned she was doing this when they first moved into their house and I loved the idea. I actually decided to make this an instagram challenge, so I'll be starting it the first day we get our keys, which will be the end of June for those wondering!

2. Read at least 5 classics - I've already been reading a lot of classics this year as part of my "new years resolution" but I put a specific number on here just to make sure that even in the craziness of moving and renovating I will make sure to still take time to read, even just a little bit.

3. Build something - anything!

4. Learn French - I've started this off and on for years now but I want to stick with it this year and really learn a lot!

5. Chicken Coop Herb Garden - the new house has a very small backyard but we will still be keeping our chickens and I'd like to make an herb garden on top of their coop for fresh herbs when cooking.

6. Sew more - finish my quilt (unfortunately it's been on hold for a lot of reasons), sew at least 2 skirts and finally make a dress!

7. More daily life photos - just take more photos!

8. New haircut - Nothing insane, just something different. And yes I do have to put this on a list because it's been almost 2 years since my last one.

9. One room at a time - We'll be doing a lot of fixing up to the house when we first get in but once things slow down and I can do more decorating I want to take my time and try not to just do the entire place at once, but take my time and focus on each room.

10. Refinish furniture - I already have several peices just waiting at my dad's warehouse for me to give some love to and I'd love to get them all done before we go to settlement for the house.

11. Bread-a-month - this is a funny one I just came up with, but I'd love to try a new bread recipe every month since I've never made much bread and would love to learn more about the process.

12. Improve photography // Branch out - try new things! take more pictures! whatever!

13. Collect more classics - this kind of goes hand in hand with reading more classics, but this year I've been developing an eye for finding good classics at thrift stores and would love to continue to add to my collection.

Anyone else make a list of goals for their birthday? Feel free to share! I'd love to read what everyone else's:)