A little Juxtaposition

        Target Dress // Ralph Lauren Shirt (thrifted) // J.Crew Belt // Gap Ballet Flats // H&M Hat

Yesterday I met my mom, mommom, both sisters and neice and nephew down in Deleware at this adorable fancy pizza place called Pizzas by Elizabeth. It had a big poster of queen Elizabeth - what's more fun then that? This is one of my favorite dresses now and I threw it on for lunch, but by the time I got back home it was actually pretty chilly (where are you summer?!) so I threw this little shirt on to use as a jacket and actually loved the juxtaposition of the super feminine dress with a very boyish shirt. Sometimes it's suprising the things you end up liking by just throwing things together.

We've been signing lots and lots of papers and things are moving forward to the house and it looks like we'll have keys be the end of June! Did I mention I am super excited?