We have a home!! We had our offer accepted earlier this week and I wanted to wait until it was 100% sure so I didn't jinx it, but we signed the papers today and are pretty darn excited! Oddly enough it's the first house we ever looked at. It seems kind of silly to end up back in that first house, but we really do feel it's the perfect place for us right now.

Obviously I can barely wait to get in there and get started the work we need to do on it as soon as possible. But it's the real world, so I have to wait patiently and try not to obsess over it while paper work gets done, but I can't promise I won't spend the majority of my free time day dreaming about it:)

Here's just a few things I've been drooling over while getting ideas for the house...

1//Hold Fast Pennant 2//Best Made Wool Blanket 3// Arrow Pillow Cover  4//Ikea Kitchen Isaland

5//Schoolhouse Wall Clock

PS. Thanks so much to all of you who have been leaving me sweet encouraging comments while we've been in this stressfull in-between time. You guys are the are amazing!