Gap Shirt // Vintage Skirt (thrifted) // H&M Hat // Walmart Sandals

I just want to take a second to say thanks to you guys who commented on my post yesterday asking for opinions. Everyone was so sweet (as always!) and one comment from Kistina particularly struck me, she mentioned that I sound like I feel a bit "unsettled". It was one of those little comments that hits you and you go "YES, YES! THATS EXACTLY IT". Right now I am definitely feeling unsettled in a million and one ways. We were always sure that we'd find ourselves a house long before the one we've been renting sold, but we didn't. Then this one house we put an offer in on seemed so sure and we thought we'd be under contract way before we had to move out of here, but it didn't work out. Now we have ourselves, two dogs, and two chickens and no real idea what things will look like for the long term.

But I'm really trying to not let myself get too crazy but just feel confident that things will work out for the best in the end. And of course, what's more stress-relieving then wearing a horsey skirt? heh!