Red Velvet Mini Cake

Red Velvet cake is the best, isn't it? To me there is just nothing better. It's such a unique flavor, and I love the hint of chocolate without the taste overwhelming the cake. Last week I made this "mini" cake for my sister's birthday tea-party and it's probably my favorite homemade cake I've ever made - plus the icing was so incredible. Usually I'm just a little disapointed by my own homemade cakes - they sink or the taste is lacking a little something, but I was super happy with the result of this one. I went with a "mini" cake because I knew it was a small party and I didn't want anyone to get stuck with a huge cake afterwards - cupcakes are easier to send home with people too.

I had a few people recently ask me for the recipe and how I made it "mini" so I thought I'd share!

This is the recipefor both the cake and the icing - I figured it'd be a bit redundant to re-share it here since she has it written out so nicely already. Don't forget the Mascarpone in the icing - it really give it that extra something that it absolutely needs:)

Here's the process for making the "mini" cake...

Start by baking half of the batter in a well greased and lightly floured cookie sheet with high edges (I used the remainder batter for cupcakes). After cooling turn the cake onto a piece of parchment. I used the biggest cookie cutter in this set to cut out three pieces of cake, but you can use any size you want (bigger is easier to work with though).

Put a small layer of icing on a decorative plate or serving dish and lay your first peices down, do another two layers of icing and cake (or more or less - it's up to you, three layers just seems classic to me).

Spread a thin layer of icing over the top and sides, just enough to cover it, and then refrigerate for at least an hour. Once the icing is set you can go back over and icing your cake as you wish! I read the trick of refrigerating the cake with the thin layer of icing somewhere and it's made it so much easier to icing the cake "prettier" now without getting flecks of cake in the finishing icing.

If you like red velvet you really should try this recipe. I think I'll also be doing mini cakes more often since it really was so much nicer to not have to deal with a full size cake!