Natural Easter Egg Dye Experiment

With about a week and half until Easter I thought it'd be fun to do a little egg dying. When I was little we would always get those packs from the craft store with the funky little wire egg holder that always fell apart and the dye that got all over you and the countertops, but rarely the eggs. I thought it'd be fun to try some "natural" dyes. I've seen a few different people post recipes for dyes, but I recently came across this one from Better Homes and Gardens and thought I'd try out a few.

I didn't want to do a whole lot so I just stuck with three, "bluish-grey", Dark Pink, and Mustard Yellow. I followed the recipes listed for each and soaked the eggs (I bought some white ones since I figured the brown ones my ladies produce woulnd't show much color anyway) for 10 or so minutes, submerging them with a spoon and spinning them in the dyes.

THE RESULTS // You probably can tell from the picture that blue and pink didn't do so good. The blue took very very faintly and the pink didn't do anything, the yellow on the other hand was lovely. It came out bright and slightly "crackled" looking. I was so dissapointed with the other two I put a little food coloring in them and threw the "natural" idea out the door for those too - gimme some pink eggs!

For the yellow just mix together 2Tbsp of Tumeric and 1 cup of boiling water and add in 2tsp White Vinegar. Mix well.

Have you experimented with any natural dyes? Feel free to share any dye recipes that have worked for you:)