Blogging, looking pretty, and being a regular person.

Some days it definitely feels like a lot of bloggers live in this crazy universe where they look pretty everyday and are full of never-ending inspiration. In some ways I love it. It kind of pushes you to try to do the same, to not just wear sweatpants all day, to make something new every day, to be the best and happiest you can. On the other hand it can be a total bummer sometimes to see all these people doing so much and these girls who seem to always look picture perfect. It's mostly only a bummer when I'm having a bad day already, ya know? Of course, it's great when bloggers share sort of "real life" experiences. I loved Sydney'soutfit post this past week where she showed the not-so flattering outfit photos (of course, she still looks gorgeous anyway). I certainly don't like blogs that spend half their time whining, but I do love when bloggers occasionally share that sort of thing every once and while.

To be honest, I've been not feeling particularly pretty lately. Just had a few of those days where it seems like no matter what I put on it doesn't seem to change. It didn't help that I've been just sort of given up and resigned to be a tomboy. I went out with one of my sisters and some friends the other night and ended up feeling so unfeminine in comparison to all those lovely ladies, it was not good. I know it's one of those things where I really just need an attitude adjustment, but sometimes it's easier said then done. I know that we all have those days, and even weeks sometimes, but they just suck don't they?

It doesn't help (or is possibly directly related to) feeling a little un-inspired lately. I usually have a few little projects going at once and lately it's just been the quilt, which is fun, but I like haing little projects to just do during the afternoon and have just felt totally stuck lately.

So I guess this is just a little explaination of what's going on over here. I plan to be back real soon to my regular DIYing and goofy outfit wearing but sometimes it just takes a little time.