Weekend Wears

Old Navy Shirt (thrifted) // Michelle Nicole Cardigan (thrifted) // Gap Leggings

Target Hat // Thrifted Shoes

Weekends always end up being full of errands it seems. Lots of wandering through Target, trying to remember what we came in for while also trying to avoid buying everything (okay, that's mostly me...) and, of course, buying all the hats that are on sale. Yup. Then hitting up the farm market to get everything for dinner (I made potato leek soup and potato skins on Saturday - yum:). And of course, plenty of running around outside with Weston. I thoroughly enjoy watching him run in giant circles and jump through the garden fence - I'm pretty sure he thinks he's super dog and his official job is checking on the chickens several times a day. It's pretty cute.

How was everyone's weekend?