Project Quilt // Progress

I finally got all my triangles cut out! I ended up ordering two fun fabrics from StashFabric to add some print to the monochromatic theme. And I couldn't resist the gold foxes! I had been thinking I wanted to do one really fun color to break up all the black,white, and grey and didn't know what until I came across it and just couldn't say no. After I got everything cut out I layed out my plan for the quilt on the floor. I did everything in "random" order but I'm glad I laid it all out first because I'm pretty sure I would have ended up with rows of just one or two fabrics if I didn't. I snapped a picture and printed it out so that I can cross off the squares I've done as I go along. It's nice. I spend about a half hour each night just sewing the squares together for each row, which makes me feel accomplished, but not like I'm overwhelming myself to get it all done at once. I've already learned quite a bit which I can hopefully put into another quilt in the future, but for right now I'm just concentrating on the one I have at hand:)

Anyone else making, or made, a quilt? Any tips?