Braids and Boots

                         Thrifted Shirt // J.Crew Sweater (thrifted) // Gap Jeans // UO Bag (thrifted)

                                                       Wal-mart Boots // DIY Necklace

I think I've finally mastered the maiden braids. It's been crazy windy and raining off and on so much lately that it's become one of the only things I can do with my hair to keep it out of my face all day. Of course mine would probably have to be called "messy maiden braids" since my hair is not exactly a fan of staying nice and neat all day, but the whole "messy hair" thing is cool now, right? On a totally unrelated note I picked up the cutest skirt while thrifting the other day, it's all navy and covered in white sailboats. I had to take it about ten sized down, but now it fits perfect and has me dreaming about the warm summer days at the boardwalk when I can wear it:)