Spring is Calling

one . two . three . four .

I know I mentioned it the other day but I am having some serious spring cravings lately. Everyday I seem to find myself daydreaming about horse shows and flea markets and I'm constantly adding to my ever growing list of things I plan to can this year. I heard rumor that this March is supposed to be one of the warmest in a long time and I am just crossing my fingers that it's true. I've already been picking up plenty of light weight clothes on recent thrift trips in hopes to coax spring to come early, as if a new pair of shorts might convince the weather to change it's patterns.

I'm decidedly done with this constant snow that ammounts to nothing, lots of dead grass, my poor chickens being too cold to even roam their pen, and running as quickly as possible from the car to my destination. I did my best to appreciate winter this year, and even feel pretty successful (especially with my hatred for it in the past) but I'm ready to move on and enjoy every little minute of this years spring, summer and fall:)