The other day I got on a big kick of watching TED talks and, after seeing the title, just had to watch "The Power of Introverts" by Susan cain. I totally fell in love with it. Sometimes I try to convince myself that I'm not as much as an introvert as I am, but I really really am. It can sometimes be hard since there's so much pressure out there to be an extrovert. I think of things like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and probably a thousand other examples, not that their bad or I don't like them, but there's this pressure to be connected with people every waking hour. Personally, I've really struggled with a lot of these sorts of platforms. In every day life I certainly don't share my every thought. My dad always tell me that he's never had even the slightest clue what I was thinking, even when I was little. It's not that I purposeully with-hold thoughts, I just really have a hard time putting my thoughts into words, especially in 140 characters. At least with blogging I can write as little or as much as I want and then go back and edit or add as I need to, no big pressure to get in right the first time, or within a certain criteria.

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The other sort of 'problem' that happens with (I think) a lot of introverts and social media is that since everyone is sharing every little (half-interesting) thing they're doing you start to feel like you're some looser who has no friends and does nothing. I take this directly from my own experience, but the thing is, it's totally not true. I think most introverts, like me, tend to just have a couple really close friends instead of huge groups. Even though I love that, I definitely have had one of those Friday nights where I am perfectly enjoying being alone, or with my husband, at home, just watching a movie or reading a book, and then I go on Facebook and start to feel like I'm only person not going out or hanging out with some big group. It kind of sucks, doesn't it? But lately I try to remind myself that, um hello, I like being alone. Not to mention, I usually hate parties, and instead of feeling bad for myself I text or call a friend and try to set up some good ol' one-on-one time with them. It's hard to try to re-train your brain into remembering that it's totally okay to like being alone, and to just cherish the friends you have instead of trying to force yourself into being someone you're not.