Girly Girl

J.Crew Shirt (thrifted) // Madewell Skirt // Thrifted Blazer + Belt

 Target Tights // Nine West Boots

I've had this skirt for years now and have worn it a total of...two times. Yep. Pretty sad, right? I had bought it after falling in love with the Madewell store and had some crazy idea in my head that I might get girlier and wear pink more often, but obviously that hasn't really worked. Every few months I try to purge myself of anything I don't wear regularly, and this skirt has been in the "giveaway" pile so many times, only for me to pull it out again at the last minute. Then I came across this look by GirlSack and it inspired me to pull out my skirt and style it in a way that was more "me" - with lots of masculine pieces to balance out the extreme girly-ness of it. I think I might actually wear it more often now - sometimes you just need that little bit of inspiration to fall in love with an old piece!

PS. You might notice I started marking all of my photos. It's not really something I wanted to do, but I've lately come across a lot of people stealing them. I know some bloggers just put up with it or ignore it - but I work really hard on all of my blog content and love when people share it, but it's very frustrating to see someone else taking credit for my work. Hope you al understand:)