Oh, Deer.

Anthropologie Shirt + Belt // Gap Jeans // Scarf c/o A Pirates Yarn

Target Socks // Thrifted Jacket, Bag + Boots

Back to back days of deer-themed clothing? I can't apologize for it, because I love it! My amazing sister got me this adorable shirt and I'm pretty darn head-over-duckboots for it. I mean, who doesn't love a shirt with cute little deer wandering all over? It's pretty lightweight so I'm excited to get plenty of wear out of it come warmer weather.

I've been kind of going crazy reading lately, both books and blogs, and have been feeling really inspired. I have probably five projects I'm currently working on and ten more I'm planning for. I love it, and am loving thinking about what I want out of the next year especially. I came across this blog post over on The Reverie Blog (it's a guest post by Julie of Cinnamon Girl) and felt like I had to share it. She writes beautifully and I especially love that second-to-last paragraph about not letting what other people do distract you or give way to your fear of failure. Definitely check it out if you have a few minutes - and both ladies blogs are lovely as well.

 PS. Thanks so much to those of you who gave me your opinons the other day about my Etsy shop - they were all so sweet and I have been thinking a lot about each of them. Hopefully soon I'll have more of a "vision" of my direction to share with you:)