Frozen Noses, Frozen Toes

Gap Shirt, Skirt, Bag & Gloves // Anthropologie Belt // Scarf c/o A Pirates Yarn

Tommy Hilfinger Coat// Target Tights & Socks // Thrifted Boots

 It's COLD. So cold in fact that you can't properly express how cold it is without all-caps. I am ready to run all the way back to Florida, and gladly live in a shoe-box as long as I'm in that sunshine! It (finally) snowed a few nights ago, but it didn't last long and ended up turning into a nasty mix of ice and snowy wet dirt. Yep. Gross. So the last few days have been strickly wearing your warmest clothes whenever walking out the door. Of course I've been tired of wearing jeans every day so I braved the world in a skirt. These boots are the shiz when it comes to keeping your toesies warm though! I honestly can't imagine my life (during the winter at least) without them! How's everyone else's winter going so far?