Little House Guests

Just a couple of weeks ago my mom went into the local shelter to adopt a little puppy, and ended up coming home with two pups and a cat! That's how it goes in my family though, we have the biggest soft spot for a furry face (or even a feathered face - when I was little I talked my mom into buying a big beautiful Indian Goose with a broken wing at an auction). The last few years my parents actually had the least amount of animals we ever had growing up, so it's only fitting to go all-out now. Of course, my parents already had planned a vacation and even though my brother still lives at home he's pretty busy this week so the girls came to stay with us for a few days:)

Their names are Dutchess (the blond one) and Marie (anyone get the Aristocats reference?). Dutchess is actually Marie's mother. They were found together the day before Christmas, and they were just too attached to only take one of them. They've been really fun to babysit. The schedule goes a little something like this : wrestle. steal each others bones. wrestle some more. pass out tired next to us on the couch. Repeat. - it's pretty adorable.