Good Day

Forever 21 Shirt (thrifted) // Buffalo Cords (Marshall's) // Thrifted Duck Boots

Anthropologie Belt // Target Socks // Scarf c/o A Pirate's Yarn

Yesterday I had so much fun getting to spend most of the day with my sister, just one on one! We used to go pretty much everywhere together - we even worked in the same little village of shops and would run over to each other's shops to visit whenever it was quiet. But since we both got married within a few months of each other and both have adult-y lives now we don't get to hang out as much as I wish we could, so it was great to go shopping just the two of us.

I was so surpirsed when we were walking by J.Crew and saw an almost identical shirt on one of the mannequines in the window! It was a nice little boost of confidence for my thrifting skills:) Plus I just love this shirt and how the super tiny polka dots are a little more simple and understated then the big ones that are pretty trendy right now (I love those too though!).