A yay for thrifting

Forever 21 Dress (thrifted) // A&F Cardigan (thrifted) // Target Tights // Vintage Belt (thrifted)

Wanted Boots // Handmade Necklace // Gift Bracelet

Over the years I definitely have found that, with a lot of patience, you can thrift almost any brand. I even thrifted a Diane Von Furtenburg Wrap Dress a few years ago for $4 and sold it on Ebay the next day for $150 (it didn't fit me anyway!). Even though I hate the stores, I actually like some of Abercrombie & Fitch's clothing. It tends to be really comfy and cute (although there's plenty of their stuff that's a little too... little, for me!). So I was tickled to find this cardigan last week. Bonus points go to it for being super long, which is something that seems to be hard to find when it comes to cardigans, for me at least. So, yay for thrifting!