Goodbyes are so hard


Some of you who have been reading my blog for a while probably have at least heard me ramble on about my pup. I adopted him just about seven years ago. I completely fell in love with him when I spotted him among all the dogs barking and going crazy at the shelter, he was just laying in a bed that was about five times bigger them him, and shaking. He was always a cuddle bug. For the first few years we had to take him everywhere, and I loved it. Eventually his nerves settled and he was a total home-body just like me. He even had a bed in every room in the house so he could follow us from room to room and still nap. He always knew when I was upset and promptly cuddled up next to me everytime.

On monday he got sick, we took him to the vet and got some meds for the anal gland absess he had and they expected him to be fine. Yesterday morning he went downhil so fast, and within 15 or 20 minutes of calling the vet over a cough he had, he suddenly had trouble breathing, and then stopped. My incredible husband even resusitated him, but then he stopped responding as we tried to rush him to the vet.

I've always taken animal deaths hard, but his is by far the worst. Even though we knew he was very old, it just seemed to all happen so fast, but I guess it's really hard to prepare for these kinds of things anyway, and there would be just as many tears even if we had known. He was truly my best friend and my little baby. He was a huge part of our lives, we miss him so much already and know we'll never be able to find another little guy like him.