I love wrapping gifts. love. it.

My mom used to let me wrap all of her gifts (except the ones for me, of course) for her and I loved every minute of it. So yes, I was just as strange of a child as I am an adult.

I always like to wrap all of my gifts in a certain 'theme' because, ya know, I'm crazy and what-not. Originally I was going to do something very similar to what I did last year, but then I remembered I had several rolls of this Hallmark deep blue and bright gold wrapping paper I scored at the Goodwill this summer so I decided to use those colors as my jumping point. I fell in love with this this stamp and wrapping paper on PoppyTalk and decided I needed to whip up a stamp for myself. I just happened to already have a matching blue stamp pad (from paper source) which really helped tie in some of the fun newsprint wrapping paper (from Target) as well as the kraft bags (from Hobby Lobby).

I already gifted some things so there's a few missing from my original pile, and I'm also doing little baskets of home-made stuff too, but I don't want to ruin the surprise, so I'll show those off after the holidays. Who else out there loves to wrap? Anyone? Anyone?