Buffalo Plaid & Lace


Thrifted Shirt & Sweater Vest // Target Dress & Tights // Zara Boots // Vintage Belt

I'm such a buffalo plaid addict. It's so lumber jackish that I feel like I should go out and chop down a tree when I'm wearing it. I think that's why I love pairing it with dresses. I love the whole juxtaposition of the super feminine with such a manly textile. I always feel like this dress needs masculine peices to tone it down a little anway, it can easily be over the top girly.

Can you believe it's only a little over a week until Christmas? I was just saying to Frank the other day that it doesn't feel like it at all this year. I think it's a combination of no longer having that little kid excitement and no longer working retail (which means not counting down the days until people stop acting insane and the stores go back to being nice and quiet). Also, we pretty much never get snow in Jersey before Christmas, which is one of those 'cheesey' things that people always talk about, but I always loved when we were little and we'd spend the whole end of December in the Adirondacks which are pretty much always snow covered after November. I kind of miss it going up there for the holidays!