Gap Jacket, Tee, Jeans & Necklace // Nine West Boots // Scarf c/o APiratesYarn

Hat handmade by my mom:)

I did not realize how much Gap I was wearing until right now. Geeze, I guess that's what you get when you work for them for years. Ahhhh that discount... I miss it!

Yesterday morning was the first time me and my mama got to ride in three weeks! It felt even longer then that though. It started out kind of rough when we had a scare with my mom's horse while tacking up, but we got everyone calmed down and ended up having a great ride. Moments like that are a huge reminder that they are just animals, and they are huge animals at that. Even the sweetest horses have their moments and you always need to be on your toes. It's kind of like all of life though, those boy scouts have the right idea - be prepared for anything!