The Chill

Target Dress & Tights // Thrifted Cardigan // Vintage Belt, Scarf & Shoes (thrifted)

The hurricane definitely brought with it a bite to the air. It's starting to get into coat weather, not to mention, most of the leaves have fallen already so things are starting to look a little sparse. It's kind of sad. I'd be totally fine with skipping the bitter winter months and going right back into spring.

What did everyone do for Halloween? I actualy went to a nice little party, which is a big deal since I'm kind of the biggest introvert in the world. Usually I'm in my pajamas by 8 at night and curled up on the couch working on blog or shop stuff, and am perfectly happy with that, but I had a lot of fun! I suppose it's good to go out once and a while and be a 'normal' person - hah!