The leaves have finally started falling around here (what took ya so long, Jersey?). It's so gorgeous. I couldn't help my craving to take some photos in all the amazing colors, not to mention I've been getting a little bored of taking pictures in the yard and wanted to change things up a bit. There's this beautiful old church a few minutes away and all the trees around the old cemetary are shedding red and yellow everywhere. It's a little bit magical, and I just couldn't resist!

Target Dress & Tights // Thrifted Shirt // Vintage Belt (thrifted)

Zara Boots // Vintage Necklace (gift)

I spent most of yesterday doing some detailed planning for the blog for the next month (yes, I am a complete geek!). At first I was a little nervous that I would have giant holes with nothing to put in, but I found myself overflowing with DIYs and recipes I really want to try, it's great! I've been feeling so un-inspired these last week or two that it's great to not only be excited but to have a full plan for when I want to do them and when they'll show up here on the blog. I've done some planning for the blog before, but mostly just when I know I'll be gone away and won't be able to blog, but it feels so great to have a plan, especially going into such a crazy-hectic holiday time. I definitely am going to try to keep up with always having a plan from now on!