Shades of Gray

Target Dress & Tights // J.Crew Blazer (thrifted) & Scarf // Nine West Boots // Vintage Neckace

I love gray. But do I even need to say that? Honestly, the one color I'm possitive will be all over my house when we someday have one, is gray. Lots and lots of gray. I grabbed this blazer from the thrift outlet up in Lancaster a few weeks ago for just 85 cents (yes! Totally insane score!) and was so happy it was in gray. I have a black blazer but rarely wear it. It seems so dificult to pair it without feeling too dressy. Gray is a great middle-of-the-road though.

I've been looking at finally selling off my old camera and some lenses and such that I never use and investing in a really good lens for portraits. Lately I've been using a 30mm that actually came off of a very old film camera that I had sitting around. It's nice, but it can be sort of annoying to manually focus (especially with my bad distance vision!) and my camera can't meter with it either so it's kind of a big guessing game. Any Nikon-ers out there with suggestions for a good lens?