I've realized that early fall is the most perfect time to put my vintage silk scarf collection to use. Today was still much too warm to pull out a normal scarf, but one of these bad boys is the perfect weight. Plus, I love all the fun designs (which, I suppose, is why I've been hoarding them for so long), especially this one. Who doesn't need a pheasant scarf?

Gap Jacket & Skirt // Thrifted Shirt

Wanted Boots // Vintage Silk Scarf & Belt (Thrifted)

I think these 'transition' seasons (fall and spring) really remind me of the things I do miss about living in the city, or even in a small town. In Philly last year me and Frank (and occasionaly the pup too) would walk to Franklin Square a couple times a week just to hang out in the park, not to mention all the daily walks around the city just to run errands. When I lived with my parents I would ride my bike through the pretty little tree lined neighborhoods almost every day. While I do love the quietness of where we are now there's no where really to walk to, nor is there a sidewalk. Having a neighborhood to wander through is definitely something I look forward to whenever we do move again.

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!