Target Dress & Tights // Volcom Jacket (Thrifted) // Walmart Boots // Thrifted Belt

This is one of those coats that I thrifted sometime this summer and threw in the closet and kind of forgot about - I love it! I was super into Volcom brand and pretty much everything else sold at Pac Sun for a huge period when I was a teenager (oh, and heck, they still sometimes tempt me!). The cut and pattern was so adorable I just couldn't pass it up! It's perfect for these akward Jersey days when it's raining all day long but still too warm for a heavier coat.

Today is also the first day I pulled out this dress, which is one of my favorites! Sometimes I wish I could wear it during the summer, but it's waaaay too short to be worn without leggings so it's saved for the colder weather. I won't complain though since it's such a great layering piece!

PS. My simple hat makeover was featured on Shop Ruche's blog - check it out!