4 Simple Goals

A few weeks ago Elsie (love her!) of A Beautiful Mess posted her 4 simple goals list. I LOVE lists.

I'm weird, I know, but I do.

I usually make goal lists on my birthday and around new years. I like keeping them private for a lot of reasons, but I love how this is specifically a simple goals list. These are things that should be something possitive as well as something I don't need to kill myself over. Simple is my favorite.

Here it goes...


1. Practice Photography (I stole this right from Elsie - with no shame!) - I want to push myself to better my photography constantly. I have been really wanting to try out Arrow and Apple's lighting e-course, so this might be a great excuse to do that! 2. Sew Something - I do use my sewing machine fairly regularly, but usually I'm just patching something up or re-doing it a little. I really want to sew something completely from scratch. 3. Makeover Office/Stuido - I'd really like to move things around, change up some furniture and add a lot more inspiring things to my workspace! 4. Sketch more - as simple as you can get, I just need to do it!

I feel like these are all things I can definitely get done that will be really great (and fun!) for me. Plus they all help me work towards bigger goals as well.

Has anyone else made their own list?