Vintage Shirt, Belt & Sunnies (Thrifted) // Target Shorts // Wal-Mart Wellies

It's a little bittersweet to think that so soon I'll be storing away all my shorts and other warm weather gear until next summer, but is fun to pull out some of my sweaters and all of the coats I've been thrifting and hoarding over the summer that have yet to get worn! I didn't even realize how many jackets and sweaters I've picked up over the last few months thinking I'd just save them for the cool weather. It's fun, it's almost like "surprise! you've got new clothes!" - Can't complain about that.

Tomorrow me and my mamma finally leave for our big trip! We fly right into Salt Lake City and spend a day there and a day in Jackson Hole, WY (the town looks so cute - I'm excited to see it!) before we head to the ranch. I think we might even try to drive up to Yellowstone for a day too! If anyone has any reccomendations for those areas I'd love to hear them. We left our schedule pretty open so that we can change things up if we want to:)