Chalkboard Sewing Box Makeover

Who remembers Caboodles? Any of you girls who grew up in the 90s should know exactly what I'm talking about! They were those fun little boxes you kept all your scrunchies, glitter lip gloss and slap bracelets in. I had the Barbie Caboodle. It was 90s pink and purple and I loved it. Unfortunately, it become a sad victim of my teenage years. I was super cool and punk rock (aka totally not cool) so this little box was drug through both a sharpie phase and a bumper sicker phase - poor little guy!

Unfortunately, there was just no way to save it without some sort of paint (sad!).

After scrubbing it down and removing all remaining stickers with goo-be-gone I let it dry for a while. Then it was just a matter of a few coats of chalkboard spray paint (no matter how "trendy" this stuff has become I still love it!), making sure it completely dries between coats.

Now it's the perfect little sewing box! Plus I can write myself little notes and keep track of what I'm planning on making right on the box:)

Happy Monday everyone!