Hello little pumpkins

Forever 21 (Thrifted) // Target Sweater (Thrifted)

Vintage Belt, Sunglasses & Shoes (Thrifted)

Today was beautiful! I am fully enjoying this amazing weather. I adore being able to keep the doors and windows open all day, and hanging outdoors and not completely sweating to death! Hooray! Oh, and did I mention my mamma sent me home with some pumpkins from her garden? Eek! Love it!

I am so excited for our trip out west this week! I love seeing new places, plus the mountains are just starting to change color so I might just be walking into a sensory over-load for my system! Oh and horses. Spending a whole week riding through the mountains everyday has me just plain giddy, I must say! Whenever I'm super excited for trips like this I always have to fight the urge to start packing early (yep, I'm crazy - Already know it!), but since we're only 4 days away I can start now, right?

Hope you all have enjoyed your weekend!