As Summer Still Hangs On

Lauren Conrad Dress (Thrifted) // Ralph Lauren Belt (thrifted) //

Vintage Locket // No Boundaries Sandals

It's officially that akward time in the north-east when one day it's 75 degrees and the next day it's 90 again. Even though I'm really psyched for fall, I am taking advantage of the bit of summer that's still holding on, and so I decided to wear this dress I just thrifted ($3! Whoo!) solo before I'll need to layer it.

I think what's really made me think about how I need to appreciate these last days of summer is realizing how little there is left. My mamma and I are headed out to the mid-west for a little horse-cation in a little less then two weeks. It's usually a little cooler out there, so we'll probably be walking right into full-on fall in the mountains! And by the time we get back it will probably be already starting here too! It's exciting but I almost can't believe how fast this year has gone. 

Wow. I just sounded really old saying that, didn't I? 

   Yes I did.