Ode to a Blazer

Old Navy Blazer (Thrifted) // Express Tank // Gap Skirt & Necklace // Minnetonka Moccasins

I know I brag a lot about my thrift finds, but I cannot help but mention how this blazer was eighty five cents. Yes, you heard me right. My thrifty-ness has reached a whole new level people.

Usually I don't shop in Old Navy. Not because it's "beneath" me or anything like that (I mean, hello, I live at thrift stores!), but simply because I rarely find anything that fits. I'm fairly certain their designers make clothing for box-shaped people. It's strange. But when I dug this little blazer out of one of the massive bins of clothing at the thrift outlet, I was ecstatic to pull it on and find that it actually fit perfect! I love blazers, but all of mine are much heavy and better for late fall and winter, but this one is perfect for the end of summer, so I'm possitive I'll be getting plenty of wear out of it.

Can you believe it's already Friday?

Hope you all have a lovely weekend:)