DIY : Mason Jar To-Go Cup

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How many crafts involving mason jars is this now for me? I've lost count.

I've seen a few Mason Jar to-go cups floating around etsy and tumblr and decided it was way to easy (and cute!) of a project for me to not give it a try! I think this took less then five minutes, even counting the time it took to wash the jar out. Yep. Simple and quick, just the way I like my DIYs.

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You'll need : A Mason Jar with lid, reusable straws (I got mine from Starbucks), #14 stainless finishing washers (I grabbed these from Home Depot in the washers/nuts/bolts section), Cropodile (optional), oh and a glue gun!

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Start by punching a hole in the center of your lid (you could also poke the hole out with a hammer and nail if you don't have one of these fancy little cropadiles), you'll most likely need to widen it, so you can cut a few more around it to widen it // fill the inside of your washer with hot glue (try not to overfill), and carefully (it's hot!) place over hole // Repeat for bottom // You're done!

The #14 washers were the perfect size for the straws I got - they slipped perfectly in but don't wiggle around at all! Yay!

Fine and Feathered Blog

I think the hardest part might be deciding what drinks to put in it. I'm an iced-tea girl myself. It's so perfect for in the car and wherever you head to. I can't wait to use mine all the time!

Fine and Feathered Blog


EDIT: Several people have expressed concern about BPA on the mason jar lids. While I have read and reserched BPA quite and bit and personally am not concerned with this at all, for those of you that are there are BPA Free mason jar lids available. Two manufacturers that I know of that make these are Quattro Stagioni andTattler reusable canning lids! Hope that that's helpful for those of you who have been concerned!

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