Bunnies, Chickens, and Bees! Oh my!

Fine and Feathered Blog

me and my new chicks!

We've had sort of a crazy first half of our week.

It started off with finding a huge swarm of bees by our mailbox. Knowing, literally nothing about bees (not to mention, I'm scared to death of then), I decided to get the opinion of the lovely beekeeping Bekah from A Well Traveled Woman. She confirmed that they were, in fact, honey bees looking for a new home and so we decided to call up a local beekeeper to come and give them one. Unfortunately, the morning the beekeeper was coming out we went outside and they were gone!

Sunday night we picked up our new chicks. I know a lot of you have been asking if we would be getting more chickens, so they're finally here! They're a few weeks old and pretty wiley! While moving them from their box to the coop they escaped. We caught one real quick, but the other one was like a little ninja! We spent hours chasing her back and forth, and every once and a while she would completely vanish. Once it got too dark we were forced to give up and hope for the best. But the next morning she proved how determined she was, since she not only was fine by herself all night, but continued to out run us until we finally caught the little road runner that afternoon. So finally, both chicks are safe and happy in their coop. Of course, there's no way of telling what they are yet, but were hoping they're both girls so I am calling them Chuck and Olive for now (those Pushing Daises fans out there will appreciate their names:)

Fine and Feathered Blog

Me watching over the chicks, finally both home!

Now. About those bunnies. Yesterday when I took the dog outside with me and, like usual, he spotted a bunny. I usually just let him chase them since he's old and slow and there's is really no way he could ever catch a bunny, besides in his dreams. But as soon as the rabbit jumped up I saw little babies scatter too! I panicked, and to make matters worse, Krammer (the dog) caught one! I was about to have a heart attack when I ran over to him, fearing the worst. But instead he just looked up at me, gently holding the little bunny in between his paws as if he was just waiting for me to come retrieve it from him. Crazy, right?

After reading a lot and talking to a wild animal vet, we attempted to make a new nest for the babies in a close, but safer place (the original nest was in the open, right next to our driveway - a very dangerour place for little bunnies to be!). Unfortunately, the mother didn't come back and when we decided it was time to bring them in we saw that another animal had scared all but one little baby away.

Fine and Feathered Blog

So we're hoping to be able to save this little guy. The vet said that wild baby bunnies are very hard to keep alive, so I try to keep that in mind, but I'm hoping for the absolute best and trying our hardest!

So that's my crazy week so far! How's yours been going?