Playing with Photos

Every once and a while my photos just don't turn out at all like how I thought they would. I think I'm getting one thing, but when I put it on my computer it's a bit different then I had pictured. Usually those photos don't even make it onto the blog, but I like have a bit of fun with them and play around with them in this fun little program called ToyCamera AnalogColor.

Even though it's not my style when it comes to photos for the blog, I adore it for giving a fun (and quick)  vintage look for photos to put in memory books and stuff! (PS. That company didn't pay me or anything to say this! I've just been using it for a long time and thought I'd share:)

Do you have any fun programs or anything you like to use for processing photos?

Oh, and one more question! I'm planning out some of my summer blogging and would love to hear from everyone what it is they like and don't like about my blog! Any particular types of posts you'd love to see more of? any types of DIYs or recipes you think I should do? let me know, I'd appreciate it! :)