DIY: Chalkboard Pot

Fine and Feathered Blog
Fine and Feathered Blog

I've been having a bit of fun pretty-ing up my flower (or rather, herb) pots this year! I like making each one a little unique home for their repective plants, and when I got my hands on some chalkboard spraypaint I figured it was perfect to not only dress up a pot, but an easy way to label them too!


Chalkboard spraypaint, Painters Tape, Flower Pot, Craft Paint in White (or any other color)

using the painters tape, tape along the bottom edge of the top of the pot down and the inside of the pot. Spray exposed area with chalkboard spraypaint (I did about 3 light coats), allow to dry for a day. Using a flat paintbrush, paint a thin layer of your craft paint on the bottom portion of the pot. I loved the "brushed" look so I only did one coat, but you could certainly do a few coats and get more of a "color blocked" look!

Simple, right? Now, if your a forgetful and un-gardeny as I am, you can label the pot using a bit of chalk!