a little touchy

Meet my new little friend. The HP Touchpad. Frank has been wanting one forever, and when they went on a crazy sale last week he didn't just get himself one, but got me one too! I would never think it would be something I need or something I would necessarily save up for for myself, but I am completely in love with it!

one of the first things I thought of when holding it was how perfect it'll be for cooking. I am a huge taste-spotting addict and have a million and a half recipes bookmarked on my laptop, but kind of hate running back and forth from my ingredients to my computer, but with this fun little guy I can have my recipe page open and sitting right with me on the counter top like a cookbook!

um, hello ladies! online shopping! It's like having a little magazine right in your lap. Of course I spend even more time on Etsy now, scrolling through the millions of beautiful things waiting to be discovered:)

Some of my other favorite things to use it for are, checking on my favorite blogs (once again, it makes it feel like ever blog is some magical little magazine filled with gorgeous photos and thoughts), reading (already downloaded a million books or so;), and doing crossword puzzles (oh yes! I am a complete old lady if you haven't already figured it out!)

So I have totally found myself in the midst of the new "tablet craze" going on these days and am so happy! Can't wait to take this little baby with me on vacations instead of hauling my super heavy laptop!