Black and White for Spring

A few weeks ago I started seeing black and white pop up here and there. At first I thought, who in the world wears black and white in the spring? but heck, throw on a pair of bright yellow (or maybe red, whatever ya fancy) heels and you're in business. Here's a few things I've been drooling over.

Where can I find these sandals people?! Seriously, I want.

Audrey, of course, could pull off anything. even black on the beach.

Red Velvet's Pen Pal Dress. Seriously. You Red Velvet girls have got it. whatever "it" is.

These super wide leg pants from Celine's Spring show make me want to run out a buy a pair. like. right now. (Image from

annnnd yes, I've stumbled away from fashion. But I feel seriously in love with this couch during a visit to the wonderful magical land called Ikea with a friend last summer. Of course it's like their most expensive couch, but then again I have a knack for falling in love with whatever the most expensive thing in any given store is. *sigh*