Sunday Shoppin'

Right after I turned sixteen me and my sister, Melissa, both happened to get jobs in shops in a little place called Dutch Neck Village. It's basically this teeny little village of little shops and a restaurant. I worked in the coffee shop and she worked in The Hope Chest boutique, and for two years we would run back and forth between each others shops when it was quiet. I would take her over fresh baked cookies when I made then, and she would bring me the new catalogs and tell me about all the new stuff in the shop.

Unfortunately we grew up (darn!). The coffee shop was sold to a new owner and I went off to college, and my Melissa got a new job. But we still never hesitate to take up an opportunity to help out at The Hope Chest when we get the call.

Yesterday was one of those days, and I thoroughly enjoyed helping out for the tea party she hosted in the shop. And, of course, while I was there I couldn't help but notice she got in some of the cutest new clothes (even when I'm working, I'm shopping). So naturally, me and Melissa found ourselves over there this morning trying on just about everything in the shop - and wanting just about everything.

My pretty sissy let me steal a few photos of her too, ain't she so nice? Then, of course, the camera got passed off for a few super akward looking photos of me.

Like how she caught me mid-hair fixin' and gave me a little of a crazy vampire look? niicce.


Kim, the owner, is honestly one of the sweetest women I've ever met and is so incredibly dedicated to her business and helping her customers in any way she can. I always have such a fun time helping out there or just stopping by to say hi. It always amazes me that there is such a cute little boutique in our town (cause, well, lets face it - Bridgeton is not exactly the quaintest town around)

So, in conclusion, if you're in the area and you haven't already gone, go. And go ahead and tell her I sent'cha ;)

P.S. Here's the links to her site, blog and facebook!)