As if I didn't already love Jcrew enough, they had to add Madewell to the mix. Really guys, are you trying to kill me?

It's Jcrew but I don't know... a little younger. I can tell they were aiming for my demographic (the overly fashion obsessed but classic loving 20something girls). It has all the great things about the mother brand I love but just a tiny bit trendier...but not too trendy (somewhere in-between Ralph Lauren and Urban Outfiters).

I love the subdued colors, mix of pattens and prints and twist on classic pieces. They style impeccably and you can see it all throughout their spring 2011 lookbook. They won. I could easily replace my entire wardrobe with Madewell clothes and walk away happy.

Thankfully, I have some self control and am refusing to let myself take a trip to one of the brick and mortar stores... at least for now...